I've been dying laughing over this for atleast 5 minutes now.


Wide Open Spaces

"Music only exists because the pauses exist, and sentences only exist because the blank spaces exist. When I'm doing something, I feel complete, but no one can keep active for twenty-four hours a day. As soon as I stop, I feel there's something lacking. You've often said to me that I'm a naturally restless person, but I didn't choose to be that way. I'd like to sit here quietly, watching television, but I can't. My brain wont stop. Sometimes I think I'm going mad."


Readers' Digest.

"When we venture into that unfamiliar sea, we trust blindly in those who guide us, believing that they know more than we do.
- The Witch of Portobello

"Everyone's looking for the perfect teacher, but although their teaching might be divine, teachers are all too human, and that's something people find hard to accept. Don't confuse they teacher with the lesson, the ritual with the ecstasy, the transmitter of the symbol with the symbol itself."
- The Witch of Portobello

Maybe I'm Just Like My Mother

...She's never satisfied.

The Empire Strikes Back.

Tanga Moreau Photographed by Nico
Harper's Bazaar Spain December 2010
wearing Balmain. I swear they do no wrong.

Pack Light.

I heard this song the other day & realized I forgot how much I like it.
"One day he gon' say you crowdin' my space...so pack LIGHT."


Tech Decks Meet Hermes

My fourth graders play with tech decks all the time, although I don't think they'll give a damn about the Hermes accessories, I still show them the video.


My Girl Likes To Party All The Time...


Anna Dello Russo
Vogue Paris Ball

Star Girl$

Mario Testino 
Vogue UK December 2010
I feel like a little kid in a candy store looking at this editorial. Attracted to all things shiny.

Freedom! '90

Can you guess why I LOVE this music video?
The Models Of Course!