Okay, Okay, Okay

I swear I do more than drink & party! Since being back at Northeastern, I've been on my co-op at Cabot Elementary school. It's been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had, and I've only been there for about three weeks. At Cabot, students in the Special Education program are integrated into "regular" classrooms. 
For the past two weeks I've been helping students who haven't been permanently placed with their aides yet. As of late, I was working with a fourth grade girl who has Prader Willi Syndrome. PWS affects the hypothalamus. In her case she needs consistency. For instance, she has to know the schedule for her day, and will often get upset if anything changes, or she can't finish a project. She also has to know who she is going to sit with during different activities, ad if she doesn't it also causes her anxiety. She has to be talked to with a high, excitable voice, and cannot be really yelled at because that also causes her distress. Amongst other issues with food and a high pain tolerance, she needs help while doing classwork, and gets frustrated during harder tasks, or when she feels as though you're touching HER stuff.
When I first started working with her, I was kind of thrown into it, and felt a tad overwhelmed because I had never worked with a special eduction student. After one day, I was automatically in love. She worked everyday for three stickers as her reward, and when she had a good day, I had an even better one. Although I'm not her permanent aide, and one has been hired, I'm still very involved with her, her mother, and get to help her newer aide when she has "glitches" during the day. I'm so happy to have met her. It really #1 makes me appreciate my health, and those around me. #2 It makes me say "Simone shut the FUCK up" when I'm having a bad day because of something so small and trivial.
Today I worked with another third grader who has what I think is a form of Autism. She is non-verbal, and has just started making sounds this year. She can read to herself, understand what you are saying when you are speaking to her, spell, understand and point at answers to questions, and can readily do math. It's quite amazing. However, her parents have  never heard her utter a word, which break my heart. Today she was answering the Speech Pathologist's questions by spelling the answers on an alphabet board, and it really blew my mind. Alot of teachers just push these children aside and think their disabilities will get in the way of them ever learning anything (even children who are deemed "bad" too), but that couldn't be more far from the truth. I really like the school I'm at because I'm learning more and more everyday, and I'm happy to be in an environment with such a diverse population of children.


I was so pumped when DEE hit me up & told me I NEED to be at his next Freak Come Out At Night Series. Best believe I am changing my Saturday shift with someone to make it out. I had so much fun at Part 1, and you KNOW Part 2 will be even better!

Incase You Were Wondering...

Between working at an Elementary school & in retail, I haven't gotten the chance to be online musch lately. However, incase you've been wondering..this is what I've been doing on downtime.
Whiskey Park - Saturday 9/25/2010
Verve Lounge Friday 9/24/2010



Paul Smith x London Fashion Week Spring 2010

I think i just died and went to heaven. If you know me on a personal level, you know I love dresses, & heels, BUT I love mixing, matching, and blending menswear in my wardrobe. P.Smith did this perfectly! I love the models Rockabilly look, with gelled hair. This is the perfect blend of masculinity and femininity. The shirts slouch perfectly, and the fabrics he used are to die for! Gahh another reason I cannot wait for Spring to come.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Hobo Canvas-Leather Five Hole Boots
Pointer Callum Moc Boots
Supra Henry Boot
Woolrich Woolen Mills Fall 2010

Ahhh I's so jelly of men's fall clothing. Supra usually produces cutie patootie sizes in their other shoes, I hope they do in the Henry's too. If they do, they will be mine when they drop on September 24th.

Oh Travey You So Fine, You So Fine, You Blow My Mind

Lord, Lord, Lord


Dear Summer

Julia Jamil photographed by Davy Linggar
Harper's Bazaar Indonesia
I saw this & immediately missed Summer. PLEASE come back.
The colors, the patterns, the hot pink lipsticks (I miss you dearly Windsor Rose). In the mean time, can someone get me to Kima Bajo Resort of North Sulawesi?

Patterns & Patchwork

ALDO x Julian Louie Spring 2011
I cannot WAIT (!) until these drop. They are so perfect, so perfect infact I don't even know which one(s) I'd purchase.



CoalBlack Men's Fall Lookbook F/W 2010
Their outerwear is AMAZING!
Peacoats, jean jackets, varsity, they have it all gentlemen.
& You know I love the fact the lookbook is in black & white!


FEIT Moc Mid Camel
I wish they made these in cutie patootie sizes. They remind me of the Polo boots I wanted last winter/spring. Ahh the search continues

By Your Side

'Ye entering the Phillip Lim 3.1 showing. His style is "simple" & flawless here. I do wish Miss Rose was by his side though.

Kill Bill

Vera Wang x Spring 2011 Collection
Vera said she was inspired by Tarantino's Kill Bill while creating this collection. If you know me, you know Tarantino is one of my absolute favorites. It made me love the whole collection even more. I love her east meets west look, & the combination of flowy fabrics with tough, leather boots.




-So I went home to Providence this weekend, & I'm so happy I did.
-Carolyne x Waleezy x I are road dogs.
-WPE boys & all those affiliated are my favorite promoters in RI (Make sure you're at Forbidden City Thursday & SideBar Saturday)
-Steve Denton is the illest
-I love Ecuadorian liquor
-LFTDR has changed my life
-I love my fourth graders, and a child's smile brightens my day.
- I love Karta bar, but that martini just wasn't strong enough
-Rum and Cokes will always have a special place in my heart.

That's pretty much where I'm at right now.


Diane von Furstenberg x Spring 2011
Gahhhhhh, how I wish it were Spring again. Bright colors, bold patterns. I know we just hit Fall, but I'm counting down the days. & Is it me, or do some of her patterns remind you of TOUS? Either way, still super cute.