"Quit a job, leave someone, throw something away. To a woman like me, abandoning something was almost instinctive, as easy as the flip of a hand. Drift from one goal to another, push oneself to the limit, and keep moving." -  Wei Hui, Shanghai Baby


If It Hurts To Breathe, Open A Window...

The Weeknd - House of Balloons/ Glass Table Girls

Nature Feels

Frank Ocean - Nature Feels
I could not get this song out of  my head all day along with some of my other twitter friends, LOL. I loved MGMT's original, & Franky is currently all over my iTunes...if you couldn't already tell.

It's A Man's World

                                         Abbey Lee Kershaw
                Photographed by Hedi Slimane Vogue Russia April 2011

90's Strut

Crystal Renn
Photographed by David Roemer Vogue Mexico April 2011
Return of the 90's.



I'm in the library with a stack of papers in front of me that I need to read for Film Music, which I might add is supposed to be an elective, but I  have to read for this class more than any other...ANYWAY, I've become obesessed with this group as of late...if you couldn't already tell.

Operator, Please.

Operator Please - "Back and Fourth"
This song is on my job's playlist & I absolutely love it. I never knew who it was by, & yesterday I was finally able to figure it out. I'm super excited to listen to the rest of the album entitled "Gloves".



Finally got a break after a 2+ day stretch of no sleep & tons of schoolwork at the Middle East last night. Went to the Stalley show to see his performance & kick back with the homies. So glad I saw everyone I saw last night. So many hometown heroes, & local celebrities (LOL) in the building. Plus, Stalley put on a good show. Last night was a much needed win-win situation.
Doesn't it appear he's rappin' to me in this one? Yeah I thought so too. LOL!


"Belief in oneself, and knowin’ who you are, I mean, that’s the foundation of everything great." - Jay-Z

...But You Are So Close, My Darling.

"Every once in a while, amid all the randomness, something unexpected happens and pushes us all forward." - The Switch, 2010

Sometimes you just have to go "home" & regroup to successfully finish a journey. Next Thursday/Friday can't come soon enough.



"Anything less is just a goddamn shame."

This has been my anthem for the past week & 1/2 or so, and will continue to be for the remainder of the semester. All I know from here on out is GO!
P.S. remember kickin' it at lunch & every beat everyone did for a freestyle was this one? Ahh when life was simple.


& On The 8th Day, God Created Marvin

"Don't play with something you should cherish."
Damn, Marvin goes!


Letting Go

Today in my Clinical Psychology Seminar, we were talking about parents saying certain things that aggravate us, even thought it wasn't said to purposely evoke that response. For instance, if a parent says "Oh you look happy today." Am I not normally happy? Or, "What's wrong", when nothing is actually wrong. These questions can prompt us (children) to get upset for some reason, and just shrug them (parents) off. My teacher then explained that parents are used to their children being completely dependent from birth and the next 18-20 years are about learning how to let go. That statement really hit home for me. Even though I get snippy in certain situations when my parents are just trying to help, I appreciate everything they do for me, especially looking back on the past 5 years. Thank you for giving me room to grow, but still being my backbone.

He Said, She Said

That man Jonathan "J-Delice" (search em on FB) informed me of a new track snippet he had released, & I was super eager to listen. Finally got a chance to, but I couldn't share with ya'll via my blog. LUCKILY J uploaded it on youtube for me #giggity!

I know, what a tease right?!
Now let's finally plan an outing instead of me always missing the crew & vice versa, okay J? LOL

White Boy Wasted

Saw that the homies CR THE BEAST and DJ VIBE dropped a new club mix today. It's currently keeping me going at the library as we speak. Check it out:


I Still Love You

Sexy & a sense of humor, oh Dwight, you are perfect. LOL. & STFU with the "Orlando lost to the Lakers" commentary.
Shoutout to Seanydu to forwarding the link during honorary #TBN library time, haha.

These Days It Comes & Goes


Let's Get It

I completely forgot that yesterday March 12, 2011 marks one year of Black, White, and Sequins All Over or, SimoneLesley.com. How exciting.

Baby, Take Off Your Cool

 "Baby don't you be so cool, I wanna see you...I wanna see you."
This has been stuck in my head for days.

Babes on Babes on Babes

Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to host PINKs Buy-A-Babe auction at URI with Brose! It was the first time I've hosted anything like that, so I was super nervous! Thank goodness Brose was with me. I had so much fun that night after all was said & done, & I want to say thank you to everyone involved. Not to mention, we raised about $700!

Crowned King, lol. & Thank you Max for picking me up from the train station (That's not why I picked him though, haha)! 
Brose and I before the auction.

Up and Coming



The Initiative

I'm never going to look back. No more sucker shit, EVER.

La Isla, Bonita

Arlenis Sosa Photographed by Xevi Muntané
Harper's Bazaar Spain March 2011
Baby, you are so smooth.


"Youngest Doin' It"

This video has been everywhere lately! Get into it.


I've Fallen In Love

Francis & The Lights


I've been listening to Frank Ocean's, Nostalgia heavy lately.
 He's dope.
"Smooth Ass Music About Bitches, Relationships And Being A Rich Young Nigga…But In A Swagged Out Way." - Tyler the Creator


This video had me dying laughing.

A Woman's Worth

Emilio Pucci
Fall Fashion Week Milan 2011
Thank You Peter Dundas for understanding and appreciating a woman's body. Although these models are pin-thin, curves would definitely do all of these pieces justice!