Food For Thought

Just finished reading i-D's Spring issue.

"We came from water, & now with the help if stem cell technology nd cloning, we must go back to it to survive. Make no mistake, this is not sci-fi, this is evolution." - McQueen

"Love is everything. Love for a partner, but mostly love for family. It's a word I use alot at Givenchy"
- Riccardo Tisci

"Everything made sense suddenly, & it was all around us. We were the new generation, and we were old enough to create our own show, to creat our own magazine, & to try to express this difference. At the time we strongly believed in the possibility of an independent culture that could be a creative alternative to capitalism." - Oliver Zahm

"The people that inspire me are the people I have a real relationship with, my friends or people I went to school with. People I have an ongoing dialogue with that I see everyday. People on the street are so interesting to me, because they are not under the public pressure, they dress for themselves".
- Alexander Wang

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