Still Me

We'll I guess I've been on a mini hiatus? This past week has been so hectic between moving in, getting situated, starting new jobs, and going out. Not to mention I haven't had time to hook my mac up to the internet yet since I've been running around. Anyway, I'm back in Boston for school, but that hasn't changed anything. As Curren$y said it best "Ain't nothin' changed but the address." My first Friday night back in the city was spent at Verve, where I had so much fun with the girlies! Saturday was a little more low key. I think Sunday was the best day of the long weekend because a gang of us, including ALL of my roomates hit up Venu. I'd never been, but I'm definitely going back!

Today was also the first day of my co-op at an Elementary school. I'm so glad I've decided to work in another school. It's great being around children all day, and a 3rd grader has already taken my heart! LOL

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