Summer Plans/Resolutions/& Shit I Need


Cannon or Nikon (I have yet to figure out which is better) D-SLR Camera
          Plan 22nd Birthday Extravaganza
All Black Doc Martens
Find Co-op (ASAP)
If weather permits, go to the Beach once a week
Make my blog as addicting as Crack(preferably circa 1980's)
Work at J. Crew or American Apparel, or both..I don't mind 3 jobs

Learn How to Make Summer Mixed Drinks
DIY projects
NY & DC w/ KA
World Domination
Sunday Fun-days

Buy myself a nice watch
Quit 1 of 3 vices atleast for the Summer

   "Forget" my cellphone at home once a week/Look at the clock less
Get carried over like a Princess
Have one night I can dub "The Best Night of My Life Thus Far"
...I think that sums it all up, for now.

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