Ink My Whole Body...I Don't Give A Motherf*ck

Tattoo's seem to be every where in the high fashion industry now. For example, Chanel's temporary chainlink, lace, pearl, and swallow tattoos which debuted in their Spring 2010 campaign. It only makes sense tattoos would make their way into editorials this Fall.
Ranya Mordanova & Naty Chabanenko
Vogue Italia August 2010
Photographed by Emma Summerton
The lighting & makeup in this editorial are so sick. I love the think eyebrows & chopped hair. Its sort of the Noir Era x Asian influences, which makes sense because Vogue China did it first in May, but with Marloes Horst. Ironic.

Its crazy how mainstream tattoo's have become now, once thought as taboo, even grandmothers are getting inked up! With artists like Wiz & Wayne, I think it's become more accepted. I have none yet, although I was supposed to get one this summer. I haven't gotten around to it yet, and I'm not going to lie I'm actually kind of nervous. Just remember, they are forever!

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