Bright Shiny Morning

"Why do you let men with different-colored skin hate each other for no reason. Why do you let one man have more than another man when they both deserve it. Why do you let children die in the streets killing each other over a corner or some white powder or the color of a bandanna. Why you make my friends eat out of dumpsters and drink their fucking lives away when they ain't done nothing to hurt nobody their whole damn lives..."

His mouth is open slightly his teeth white he's  not grimacing calm.

"Why you make me spend my life chasing yellow, make another man spend his life chasing green, another man spend his life spilling red. If you you for real and you love everyone like they say you do then why you treat us different, why you give to some and not to others, why you take and hurt and destroy so many people that are just trying to get  by and get through this day. Why you let that happen over and over and over again. Those that got, get more, and those that don't get nothing over and over and over again. If you for real it don't make no sense to me..."

He wears no clothes just a white sheet tied loosely at waist.

"You want worship for what? For what you give? For how you treat us? For what you allow to happen? For the hatred that exists that you don't stop? For the violence that you don't stop? For the death that you don't stop? Man killing man killing women killing children that you don't stop. And you want worship? You want us on our knees? You want devotion? You want exaltation? You want faith? A crown of thorns pressed into the skull bleeding at the tips
I walk down the street and men hate me not love me, hate my skin, my smell, the clothes I wear, the way my hair is, what they think I am and who they think I am not one motherfucker looks at me and sees love they just hate, every single one of them, and you call yourself all-knowing, all-powerful, say you sit in judgment. "

Thick streaks in his hair, on his chin, running down his chest.

"You want and say you deserve and we must or we are condemned and all you give us is this, this world where children get burned alive and men spend their money blowing each other up and women sell themselves to feed and all we see is destruction and war and mayhem in your name and it never gets better and you never stop all-knowing and all-powerful it never ends. And it never will."

Head hanging but not in defeat.

"Why'd you take my friend? He didn't deserve it. None of us deserve it."

Lit from above.
Joe stands and walks out.

Excerpt from "Bright Shiny Morning" written by James Frey

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