Sushi Sit Downs At Sakura & J-Bomb Treats

This past Thursday I was fortunate enough to have a little sit down w/ J and Brose at Sakura. Yum yum gimme some! We talked about politics and things of that nature (as Brose would say). Shoutout to them for coming through on the BYOB because I didn't know the restaurant didn't serve any beer!
My tempura.
Brose's drink of choice for the evening.
I know he's going to kill me for this.
Love this man!

After filling my belly I headed over to Forbidden City on Federal Hill to kick it with the homies. Shoutout to THE REG & CR The Beast who host & DJ every Thursday!
Caro met me there, my partner in crime. When we are together, it's only right we do J-bombs! CR, me, and Caro YES!
My big homie Craig
Caro & I

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