What Happened To That Girl?

I've definitely not been keeping up with my blogging lately, but with good reason of course. Last semester most of you know, I worked at an Elementary School in Newton, Massachusetts as well as working at Coach. Some weeks I'd work around 60 to eve 70hrs a week, never below 50. It's only natural that blogging would take a backseat. However, it was really cool to me that in casual conversation, people would tell me I need to get back on the horse, so my only resolution in 2011, is to keep up with BW&SAO, which should be easier since I won't be working nearly as much.
I'd like to use this time to thank all my regular readers! It blows my mind that a hobby has turned into a site with over 26,000 views with no heavy promotional campaigns. Thanks again guys, & I'm back off unofficial hiatus!

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