Beach Baby

After I called Coach to hear that they didn't need me for my on-call, I decided to hit the BEACH! The weather has been so cloudy & rainy here in Rhode Island, so I decided I was going to take full advantage of the sunny day, & head to Narragansett beach. Even though it was only for two hours, I was so happy I went because now I'm brown!
Since my followers know I love the 50's era (pin-ups & Beyonce in "Why Don't You Love Me") I figured I'd take a few snapshots in my 50's inspired beach garb. My favorite piece is my scarf, which was given to me by Coach. Its so fun because you can tie it a number of different ways in your hair, on your bag, around your neck, and even waist! Please don't mind my sleepy eyes & lack of make-up I had it was 9:30a, & I had just woken up!

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