Von Teese

This is one of my idols, Burlesque dancer, Dita Von Teese. If you couldn't tell, she's also a huge fan if the film noir era (few posts back). She's a walking vintage goddess. Von Teese was always into costuming, even at the tender age of 15 when she worked at a lingerie store. At 18 she became a stripper in Cali with elaborate costumes, but was quickly bored. She started doing Burlesque shows in 1993, and was quickly dubbed "The Queen of Burlesque". Burlesque is basically a long, elaborate striptease. 
I happen to LOVE Miss Von Teese because of the era she represents the 20s. 30s, and 40s. As well as the way she carries herself. Her outward appearance is ALWAYS flawless to say the least. She's been a muse for numerous designers, appeared in Gaultier's and Westwood's shows, and can always be seen in the front of Dior's and Marc Jacob's shows. Not to mention Von Teese practices lacing, her waist is 22", and when laced in corsets, it can get down to 16"! Good Lawd.
Now I'm off to Lingerie shop.

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