Pay Day(s) Pick-ups

Because I work two jobs, I'm blessed with Two pay-days, Thursdays & Fridays. I think I had a pretty successful Thursday. Today I picked up a vintage hot pink Cotton & Rayon Blazer. It was made in Ireland which I think is cool for some reason. I can't wait to pair it with mini dresses, sky high heels, & whatever else my imagination can come up with. I also purchased a huge gaudy gold necklace. I love huge necklaces if you didn't know, & this one is right up my alley. Also bought a white watch, I have to get a new battery for it, but for now it will be a great accessory, earrings, & another hinged bracelet to add to the collection.

My latest obsession has become lipsticks! I headed over to CVS (with coupons in hand! Thanks Mom!) because I knew they were having their 50-75% off cosmetics sale. I picked up two L'Oreal Infallible lip sticks (One a shade of pink, the other red), a Color Juice Lip Gloss, and another pinky shade from Maybelline ALL for under $10 (Originally over $40). You know I LOVE bargains. I'd say today was a success, & it's only 6:30!

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