My Momma Hate My Paht-nuhs

Had a little extra time before I had to head to Bebe today since J 'International Nasty' fronted on me for the District drop, lol. I've been in such a weird mood for the last two days. I think I need a good weekend. Tomorrow is going to be another good night at District with J & DJ ELS dj'n. Definitely make sure you come out to support them & the whole LFTDR family. We finally have stickers printed too, so come find us so we can stick some on yo ass!
I don't have any plans on Friday besides work, but I'm sure something will come up. Saturday I will be at Pearl celebrating Matt G. & Vic's Graduation. I'm looking forward to a really good time, & to see some people I haven't seen in a while.
*This post was supposed to drop before I went to work, but my damn computer jacked up. After staying an hour later than I was supposed to, I am Finally home & sipping on Strongbow English Dry Cider (beer). Perfect ending to the day, & great beginning to a day off tomorrow.

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