Viva La Vintage

Here is the photo of one of my good friends Dena, & I that I was talking about in a previous post during my weekend recap. I had to post it not only because I think it's the cutest one her & I have taken, but I thought it was the perfect one to fufill a suggestion/question posed to me by Mr. Rockler Lively. 
I first saw his photo on facebook through a mutual friend, & thought his style was super sick! I still have to do a feature on him (which will definitely be coming soon, hopefully after this weekend.) Anyway as a vintage lover like Dena and myself, he said I should discuss why I actually like vintage, & I thought that was a Great idea.
Firstly, I do not want to go out somewhere and be in the same room with someone wearing the same thing I am.. I'd DIE. Secondly, if you know me on a personal level, you know I love crazy patterns, and bright colors, which can all be found at second hand shops & places of the sort. You can't find pieces made in the 50's-early 90's at your local mall. Lastly I love mixing old and new pieces.
For example, Dena's scarft & if I'm not mistaken her blazer are both vintage. Her scarf really pops against the darker blazer. My necklace & button down (again with the loud pattern) are vintage as well. Dena paired her's with jeans, and I with olive green HM shorts from last summer.
This is all simply done, my idol however is Rachel Zoe, a vintage extrodinaire, I'D DIE to get in that Lucky Bitch's closet. She has one of a kind pieces, and shops for them daily. Hmmm a girl can dream!

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