Weekend Warrior

What a long weekend, & it's only Saturday afternoon! Thursday night I had a Power play meeting with Brose about Live From The Dorm Room (which you should check out EVERY SUNDAY on www.musicfeen.com from 10p-12a) at Shark which is a really good sushi spot on Thayer. One Kirrin and one Saporro later, I was off to Acme Lounge to say hello to Tek and Garry. DJ Tek (Voted Best DJ in RI two years in a row 2009 & 2010) was there because he was throwing his birthday party at Acme the next night (Friday/yesterday). We took a few snapshots together:
I love this last photo, Tek caught me while I was singing Amy Winehouse's "Me & Mr. Jones". I love it because if you didn't know any better, it kind of looks like I can sing, LMAO.

After that I headed over to District because after all that talking, I just wanted to DANCE! I met some great people there & saw familiar faces which is always good. My last stop was Antonio's on Thayer St. to get a slice to pizza with extra cheese & roni's yummm yummm. I didn't make it home until 4am!

The next morning I had to be up at 9 to be at Bebe by 1030. After that long night, I worked in the mall from 10:30a-10p eek! Then I headed straight to Acme for DJ Tek's Birthday Party which was a blast! Pictures soon. Julio, Justin, Debbie, & Juliana met me there. After parkin' lot pimpin' we had a crazy night to say the least! I'm exhausted, I need to sleep all day to do it all again tonight!
I've been neglecting BW&S so hard for the past few days & that is why, but I'm still here ya'll! Now excuse me while I watch the World Cup. I've never watched it before, but all my friends are doing it, lolol.

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